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            Corporate InformationInvestor Relations

            [image]Hitachi Integrated Report 2020

            All PDF data download is here.

            All pages, two-page spread view (for viewing) (PDF format, 7,444kBytes)
            All pages, single-page view (for printing) (PDF format, 7,739kBytes)

            Each page of PDF data download is here.

            Where We Are Going
              - The Hitachi Group Identity and Social Innovation Business
              - Hitachi's Basic Policy for Responding to COVID-19
              - CEO Message (PDF format, 132kBytes)
            How We Will Grow
              - The Value Creation Process
              - Looking Back on Past Mid-term Management Plans
              - Strategy and Resource Allocation
              - CFO Message (PDF format, 76kBytes)
              - Value Creation Story in 5 Sectors
            How We Will Achieve Sustainability
              - Addressing Risks and Opportunities
              - Promotion of Information Security
              - Occupational Health and Safety, Employee Health
              - Value Chain Responsibilities
              - Quality Assurance
              - Compliance
              - Corporate Governance
              - Message from Independent Directors (PDF format, 115kBytes)
            Data Section
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