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            page title:News Releases : Listed by release date
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            Information contained in the news releases are current as of the date of the press announcement, but may be subject to change without prior notice.
            December 19, 2006

            Hitachi to Repurchase its Own Shares

            Hitachi Announces Executive Changes

            Hitachi Announces Personnel Moves to Strengthen Hitachi HDD Operations
            December 18, 2006

            Hitachi was Awarded an Order of Propulsion System for the Sydney Network
            December 13, 2006

            Hitachi Announces Results of Tender Offer by Subsidiary
            December 12, 2006

            Hitachi to Transfer Xanavi Shares to Clarion
            December 11, 2006

            Hitachi and Renesas Technology Develop Phase-Change Memory Cell Technology Enabling Low-Power Operation and Stable Fabrication
            December 1, 2006

            Hitachi Announces Outcome of Tender Offer
            November 21, 2006

            Hitachi to Exhibit at ITU Telecom World 2006
            November 17, 2006

            Hitachi Submitted Amendment to Tender Offer Registration Statement and Announced Amendment to Public Notice of Commencement of Tender Offer

            Hitachi Releases Statement on November 16 articles
            November 16, 2006

            Hitachi announces its Corporate Strategy
            November 13, 2006

            Hitachi and GE to Create a Global Alliance for Nuclear Power Business
            November 6, 2006

            Hitachi Announces Commencement of Tender Offer by Subsidiary

            Basic Experiment in the Application of Optical Topography as a Brain-Machine Interface to Operate Equipment
            October 31, 2006

            Financial Results for the Half Year ended September 30, 2006
            October 24, 2006

            Hitachi Announces Commencement of Tender Offer
            October 12, 2006

            Hitachi to Post Extraordinary Items on Unconsolidated Basis for the First Half of Fiscal 2006
            October 11, 2006

            Hitachi to Strengthen Ties With Clarion to Bolster Car Information Systems Business
            October 2, 2006

            Hitachi Announces the Establishment of a company in the Czech Republic for Flat-panel TV Assembly
            September 15, 2006

            Hitachi Announces Revision of Business Forecast for Fiscal 2006 and Interim Dividend

            Supplementary Information for Hitachi's Revision for Fiscal 2006 Business Forecasts Reasons and Future Improvement Measures

            Hitachi Announces New Executive Officer
            August 30, 2006

            Hitachi Develops the Basic Technology for Authentication of Digital Research Notebooks
            August 2, 2006

            Hitachi comments on the articles of Hamaoka Nuclear Power Station No.5 posted in the Nihon Keizai Shimbun dated August 2, 2006
            July 31, 2006

            Consolidated Financial Results for the First Quarter ended June 30, 2006
            June 29, 2006

            Hitachi Asia Ltd. Managing Director Shunsuke Ohtsu Appointed Chief Executive for Asia
            June 15, 2006

            Hitachi Fellow Dr. Kiyoo Itoh to be awarded IEEE medal
            June 13, 2006

            Development of ultra low-k material and interconnect process for next generation memory devices

            Feasibility Study for Semiconductor Foundry Business Concludes
            May 31, 2006

            IPS Alpha Technology to Expand Capacity [IPS Alpha Technology, Ltd. : Equity-method affiliate ]
            May 30, 2006

            Hitachi Extends Aid to Earthquake Victims in Java, Indonesia
            May 19, 2006

            Hitachi Announces Proposed Amendments to its Articles of Incorporation

            Hitachi Completes Repurchase of Own Shares
            April 27, 2006

            Hitachi Announces Executive Changes

            Financial Results for the Year Ended March 31, 2006

            Hitachi Announces New Directors

            Hitachi to Repurchase Its Own Shares

            Hitachi to Amend its Articles of Incorporation
            April 18, 2006

            Hitachi announced the Adjustment of the Conversion Price of Series B Zero Coupon Convertible Bonds due 2009
            April 14, 2006

            Hitachi to Post Extraordinary Items on Unconsolidated Basis in Fiscal 2005
            April 3, 2006

            Hitachi to hold New President Conference (Extract)
            March 16, 2006

            HIME (R) developed by Hitachi adopted as an ISO standard
            March 15, 2006

            Basic Agreement with Bridgestone towards Hitachi's Commercial Application of Electronic Paper Displays
            March 14, 2006

            Hitachi Announces New Executive Officers

            Notice on Delisting from Four Overseas Stock Exchanges

            Hitachi Announces the Year-end Dividend for Fiscal 2005
            March 13, 2006

            Hitachi Unveils Environmental Vision 2015 Medium-Term Plan for Environmental Management
            February 27, 2006

            Hitachi Subsidiary Issues Emission Index Linked Note
            February 22, 2006

            Hitachi Data Systems and Ingram Micro Bring Enterprise-Grade Storage Solutions to SME Market through Global Distribution Agreement
            February 7, 2006

            Hitachi Strengthens Global Consulting Business
            February 6, 2006

            World's smallest and thinnest 0.15 x 0.15 mm, 7.5µm thick RFID IC chip
            February 3, 2006

            Consolidated Financial Results for the Third Quarter Ended December 31, 2005
            February 2, 2006

            Resolutions Approved at Extraordinary Shareholder Meetings Concerning the Formation of Hitachi Plant Technologies
            January 30, 2006

            Appointment of Name for New Integrated Company to Run Hitachi Group's Comprehensive Air conditioning and Home Appliance Business and New Executive Officers

            Hitachi to Announce Plan for Joint Corporate Split
            January 24, 2006

            Hitachi to Establish Shared Services Company for Finance and Human Resources
            January 23, 2006

            HITACHI LAUNCHES "BladeSymphony" IN KOREA
            January 18, 2006

            Hitachi, Toshiba and Renesas Agree to Establish Semiconductor Foundry Planning Company

            HP and Hitachi to collaborate on security and privacy research
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