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            Elevators, Escalators

            Providing new
            value for people,
            building systems
            and society.

            Elevator / Escalator

            Retrofit Elevators Provide Residents with
            Convenience of Movement

            Updated information

            News Releases

            June 8, 2021 [News Releases]

            Products & Services Products & Services

            We at Hitachi provide a full lineup of elevators and escalators capable of flexibly responding to diversifying building applications and designs. We provide maintenance, modernization and other services to ensure secure and comfortable operation at all times.


            Corporate profile Corporate profile

            Hitachi boasts a history of around 100 years in the elevator and escalator business. Let’s take a look at what Hitachi is doing to contribute to a sustainable society.


            R & D R & D

            In interviews with engineers, we present our work in the development of elevator and escalator technology.