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            Hitachi Group

            In cases where the person requests notification of the purpose of use according to Article 27, Item 2 of the Act on the Protection of Personal Information (hereafter, the "Act"), or requests disclosure according to Article 28, Item 1 of the Act, you are required to submit an identification document, to prevent leakage of personal information. If you have an agent make the request, identification documents will be required for you and the agent. Moreover, if you as the person are 14 years of age or less, the request must be made by your legal guardian. For each type of identification document, see the information that follows.

            1. When you as the person are the applicant

            Please provide one of the following valid documents (note that copies using digital camera images, scanner images, or printouts of such images, cannot be accepted):

            • A copy of your driver's license (since domicile of origin is not required, we request that you erase this item with an oil-based pen, etc.)
            • * If there has been a change of address, please also attach a copy of the back page after you have performed the address change procedure.
            • Copy of Basic Resident Register card
            • * A copy of the B-type card, including a facial photograph, your name, your date of birth, and your current physical address
              If your address has changed within the same municipality, a copy of the back page is also required.
            • A copy of your passport (Copies of both pages containing facial photograph and information on bearer with the name and address entries, etc. are required)
            • A copy of your pension book
            • A copy of your welfare book
            • A copy of your health insurance card
            • * Always remember to enter your current address in the address column.
            • A copy of your alien registration card or certificate on registered matters (for foreign nationals only)

            2. When an agent is the applicant

            Please provide the following documents, which must have been issued within the past 3 months:

            • When the applicant agent has parental authority (Civil Law Article 818): a copy of their family register, an abstract of their family register, or other documents certifying their relationship with the person
            • When the applicant agent is the guardian of an adult (Civil Law Article 8, Article 843): please provide written representation of the registered items
            • When the applicant agent is the guardian of a minor (Civil Law Article 839, Article 840): please provide written representation of registered items
            • When the applicant agent is a voluntary agent (only in cases where the person is 15 years of age or elder): please provide a letter of attorney signed by the person

            3. When the applicant agent is the guardian of an adult and is a corporate person

            Copy of family register, abstract of family register, or a written representation of all or part of the current items