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            Hitachi Group

            In cases where the person requests notification of the purpose of use according to Article 24, Item 2 of the Act on the Protection of Personal Information (hereafter, the "Act") or requests disclosure according to Article 25, Item 1 of the Act, the person is required to pay a service charge of 800 yen per request, based on Article 30 of the Act. Details on the method of payment for the service charge are as follows:

            1. For a bank transfer:

            Payee's bank

            Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Chiyoda Branch

            Payee's account name

            Hitachi, Ltd.

            Payee's account No.

            Ordinary account 6454400

            Payment charge

            To be borne by the person

            2. For a Post Office fixed-amount money order:

            Please purchase a fixed-amount money order for 800 yen at the post office, and send the request to Hitachi Ltd. This incurs a service charge of 10 yen, which shall also be borne by the person.