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            Information & Telecommunication Systems

            Case Studies

            February 2019
            • Hitachi Metals (Thailand) Ltd.
              Developing advanced digital solutions for businesses The goal to expand into the ASEAN region from our base in Thailand
            September 2018
            • Hitachi Kyoto University Laboratory
              Toward enabling ever more people to live happily in 2050─ Searching through 20,000 AI-rendered future scenarios for the configuration of a sustainable society
            February 2018

            Hitachi Review

            Volume 70 Number 4 June 2021

            Research & Development for Global Value Creation : Achieving Sustainable Growth through Research & Development Initiatives

            Volume 70 Number 3 March 2021

            Hitachi Technology 2021 : Technology & Innovation Foresights 2021

            Volume 70 Number 2 February 2021

            Industry Solutions in the New Normal Era : Designing Industry Solutions to Take on the Challenges of the New Normal